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Common development and teamwork – top experience!

22.4.2021 Helsinki #innovation #future oppimisympäristö you #6aika

Digiseikkailu Ltd the first product Digiseikkailu – future skills stories born of two helsinki-based teacher, Marjo Paappasen (KM) and Jenni Turunen (FM) needs the development of information and communication technology education. They feel that the practice of primary school age basic computer operating skills is easier to practice finished, motivating tasks and games and jointly control of.

Marjo and Jenni needed him development also software professionals. Gameplay features Digiseikkailu-learning material was found to produce nitoma my School game programmers. Nitoma my School, in turn, is programming education specialist company, which is the year of investing as easy as possible to adopt by programming video tutorial of and in the course of production. Common ground for the development and the teacher's work easier to find now.

Digiseikkailu received the honor of being The city of helsinki, the first EAC-try.

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Rowan elementary school try on the product 2.lk, 3.lk, 4.lk and 5.lk age groups. Try going well. Digiseikkailu has got rich user experience of the learning material in order to develop as a student than a teacher. Teachers appreciated the particular product's ease of use and the story of. The kids liked the game's identity, and in particular on the Llama game remained attractive to many.

Cooperation has plenty of power to start-up in the world. Great joy Digiseikkailun team has also produced cooperation in various projects, such as the Globe project, product development DigiBreikki-material Oulu Breikkerin and skilled Sanna Virtanen with.

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