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The forum is debating

Tweety has come across a dissertation on a bulletin board in the yard and some network.
The doctoral candidate is the Miuku-Mauku cat in the yard. Miuku has a great need to cut down the oldest tree in the yard. However, it is an important gathering place for Tweety and other birds. Tweety is disturbed that Miuku-Mauku forgets the rules of a proper debate and may slander insults about the operation of a bird network. Now Tweety has asked the owl to pile up the instructions for the debate on his canal channel.

Let's have a debate

Let's practice the debate. Draw who is for and who is against. Sometimes debate exercises are practiced to justify a view that is not necessarily one’s own. That’s when you challenge yourself to think about it from another person’s perspective.
1. Using your mobile phone during breaks
2. Vegetarian food day at school
3. Home arrival times
4. Because you have to do your homework
5. Should there be school uniforms in Finland as well


Read more about Owl's discussion instructions

  1. There may be several different opinions in the debate.
  2. Disserters still do not quarrel or quarrel with each other.
  3. The aim of the dissertation is to tell others about one's own opinion so that it is justified by the right information.
  4. Your own opinion should be practiced to justify properly.
  5. There is no winner or loser in the debate.
  6. The purpose of the debate is to discuss the topic in many ways.
  7. The chair or moderator controls the good manners and turns of the debate.