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Sale and purchase notice

Sales ad

You are the former owner of a toy Llama and are selling it to a new home.
Selling an animal is a little different from selling just a thing. Write and draw an announcement.
  • What things should be written in the notice so that the llama gets the most suitable new home and
  • appropriate care for the llama,
  • the right kind of food and
  • the right kind of exercise.
Think and write an announcement.
Sales announcements can be practiced:
  • ten
  • pen
  • phone
  • game

Making a sales notification

Take good pictures from different directions
Take high quality pictures of the item you are selling:
  • at close range
  • from afar
  • from several different angles
The pictures must be clear. A foggy picture gives an unreliable impression.
Design a good sales text
  • The next most important thing is the title.
  • The title should be short and concise and tell you what the product is about and possibly a few more detailed notes.
  • You should also not try to fit too much information into the title.
  • A title that is too long is easily lost to shorter and more concise ones.
Also tell us about the product's faults
  • describe how much product has been used
  • even small errors in the product must be reported, they prevent later disputes if the buyer is disappointed with the product
  • state the defects in the product without exaggerating them
  • you should not use superlatives such as "top individual" or "top good" in the announcement, as someone may misunderstand them
  • stick to the facts and to the point, it gives the most reliable picture
Design a beautiful ad layout
  • In a good announcement, the sentences start with a capital letter and the text itself is in small letters.
  • You should not write a continuous text that is too long, but separate things into paragraphs with one empty line.
  • French lines should be used when listing product features.
  • The font of the text should be the default size and no special formatting, such as bolding, underlining, capital letters and italics, should be used.
  • Bold can be used, for example, in the headings of the announcement such as "Features" or "Equipment", after which the features are listed in French lines.
  • The less extra formatting there is in the notice, the clearer, more reliable and easier to read the notice is.
What not to put in the notice
  • Adjectives such as excellent, excellent, high-quality
  • Text written in capital letters
  • Exclamation marks
  • Multiple spaces between words, or multiple line breaks between paragraphs
  • Text written in bold font
  • Text written with colors or any other special formatting
  • Text other than the default font size