What is online bullying?

  • mocking or threatening messages
  • gossip, spreading rumors, blackmail
  • publishing and disseminating or threatening to publish personal or sensitive information, images or videos
  • Rude and nasty comments, contempt
  • stalking, intimidation and irritation
  • embarrassment and humiliation
  • unpleasant suggestive and sexual messages
  • tightening
  • harassment and harassment
  • mocking imitation and imitation
  • intentional indictment of war of words or disputes, flaming
  • sharing private information or cheating another to share your own private information
  • isolating and excluding or adding to groups or threads without permission
  • photo manipulation and distribution
  • appearing in the name or image of another
  • turning others against one, intentionally ignoring or excluding
  • bombardment with nasty or hurtful messages
  • spoofing passwords, hijacking profiles
  • secretly filming and publishing

Note that some of the ways of bullying also meet the hallmarks of crime!


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What do I do if I am bullied?

  • Do not answer bullying messages.
  • Block messages and contacts from the bully.
  • save and screenshot bullying messages and conversations.
  • Report from bullying to maintenance if bullying occurs on a public platform.
  • Tell bullying a trusted adult e.g. for parents, teacher, nurse, curator, psychologist or, if necessary, one for children and young people chat
  • If your pictures or information have been disseminated, you can contact us online police.

Bullying or a crime?

Instead of bullying it is criminal when:

  • someone extort money, goods or other services with pictures or videos taken from another
  • someone threatens repeat
  • someone harasses repeat
  • spread from another gossip about privacy, video, pictures
  • adult texting child and ask personal information or, for example, pictures of the child

Always talk to a safe adult if anything like this happens. The job of an adult is to help you.

Nobody no need to tolerate harassment or bullying in any form!

If you are bullying yourself, ask for and receive support and information on how you could change your behavior.


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How to find out?

  • Tell me you're being bullied online. Let them know that you want an adult to listen and help you.
  • Show how you have been bullied. Writings, pictures, videos - this also helps adults understand what it is all about.
  • Tell me not bullying depends on whether you use the internet yourself or not. It is not right for you if your use of the internet is banned due to other nonsense.
  • An adult can turn to school staff, for example teacher or school curator, if the bullies are from the same school.
  • Ask adults to help recording bullying messages and notifying the administrator or contacting the online police.

Write things down!

  • Who is bullying?
  • How to bully?
  • What is the issue with bullying?

Online Police and Police Tube

Online police its tasks include reporting on current phenomena, answering citizens' questions, and cyberbullying and hate speech absence. The online police are investigating the situation and contacting the bully.

Police are currently finding it Twitter in addition From FacebookFrom Instagram and Snapchatista. The Helsinki police also have a new channel YouTube Police Tubes online police WhatsApp-account.

Did you know that

  • A bully can get a sentence if he or she is 15 years old. Any bully under the age of 18 may also be involved in the investigation child protection.
  • There is no age limit for liability for damages. In other words a bully under the age of 15 can also be sentenced to pay damages to the bully, if the bullying has caused damage that is compensable under the Compensation Act.
  • Children of all ages can be used as witnesses in the investigation of a crime.
  • If you see or experience bullying, you should immediately tell an adult, such as your parents, teachers, school curator, or school nurse. With an adult can together consider whether to report the bullying to the police.


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Criminal titles

Online bullying and all forms of harassment need to be taken seriously. It could be a crime. There are various titles for offenses, such as:

  • Abuse
  • Disability
  • Defamation
  • Dissemination of invasive information
  • Illegal threat
  • Intimidation


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