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What do you think would be the appropriate age limit for the following movies? Why? Combine the age rating and warning sign with the movie's caption.

a) The Vampire Castle

Terrible things are happening in the horrific vampire castle. Tourists lost in the castle will never return from their journey. Do you dare to take part in the most frightening tour of all time in the castle hut?

b) High car theft

Jori and Jere decide to take a great car for their own use without permission and drive it all over Europe. There is no lack of speed or danger in the journey when the malicious owner of the car sets out to chase them. Will the boys get caught in the end or how are they and the car? Will everyone stay intact?

c) In fog

The story of a young man's tough life in the underworld of New York. A sad story of how intoxicants destroy the life and career of a promising young musician.

d) Hulvaton camp school

A funny story about sixth graders going on a class trip to camp school. Pet-friendly animals, boat trips and a little adventure in store. A good mood movie where nice things happen and happen.