Let's consider the claims!

Consider these statements together.

Do you choose YES or NO. Justify your decision.

1. All your friends have watched the scary video circulating on WhatsApp. Do you need to watch it too?

2. You're browsing YouTube and you open a video that isn't what you expected. There is something disturbing about the video. Continue watching?

3. Older guys brag about having seen a certain video, even though it's not aimed at elementary school kids. Is it worth it to get your hands on the video?

4. A friend sends a video and you notice that it contains disturbing content. Do you have to watch the whole thing?

5. You use Google image search to find information for a school assignment. You'll be confronted with strange images that have nothing to do with it. Do you click them open?

6. Your friend sends you a disturbing video and asks you not to tell anyone. Are you keeping a secret?

7. You have a strange feeling about the content you see. Is it worth mentioning to anyone?

8. Your adult relatives are visiting and playing a K-18 game. Are you going to play with them?

9. Your friend asks his parents to buy a K16 game even though your friend is in elementary school. Should the parents listen to the request?

10. You notice that a person is being bullied in the video. There is, in principle, one funny part of the video. Will you share the video?