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With Tweety you will learn:

security skills in media use

friendly and matter-of-fact communication

to build a good community through your messages

to recognize hate speech

come up with ideas for your own influence

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Netiketin knowledge is a prerequisite for safe online operation. When you practice netiquette, you know how to consider others and, if necessary, even argue so that you learn to justify your own ideas, but also realize something new about the ideas of others.
When you know netiquette, you know how to protect yourself and act matter-of-factly and kindly in the media.
So etiquette means good online behavior, online etiquette.
When hundreds of millions of people use the internet at the same time, they also run into bad behavior. Each of us can make using the internet comfortable and flexible by following common rules.

It is important in the debate compromise pursuit.

Grr! What is compromise?

In a compromise take a little of your idea and a little of my idea and make them one new idea.


A better way than to complain is to think suggestion for improvement!
With messages we can influence, as long as we can justify and express our wishes kindly.

Communication skills

We read and send a wide variety of messages in the digital age.
Text, picture, voice, email and video messaging you should learn to do so that others understand you properly.

Security skills online

Can you act?, if you come across harassing, scary or otherwise weird content online?
What if someone harasses with messages or pictures?