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Identify influencer marketing

Influencer marketing refers to 'collaboration' between companies and social media influencers, the goal of which is to sell the company's products or increase awareness of the company's brand, i.e. the brand.
Commercial cooperation can arise, for example, when a company and an influencer enter into an agreement to advertise the company's products in their own publications. Then the social media influencer incorporates the products into their everyday life and talks about them. This is called influencer marketing. The social media publisher is therefore an influencer and his followers are possibly consumers of the product. The publication can therefore include a video, photo publication or blog post about the use of the product.
Why is this kind of influencer marketing done then?
The compensation the influencer receives from the company for marketing can be money or a monetary benefit, such as clothing, a gift card or even a vacation trip. Even if the received consideration is not money, it is still marketing.
Recognizability of advertising is covered by the Consumer Protection Act. The consumer has the right to know when they are trying to influence him commercially.