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Digital adventure is a playful learning environment for teaching information and communication technology (ICT), media literacy and empathy skills.
  • Digital adventure saves the teacher's working time, supports practical teaching work as a pedagogically well-thought-out solution and enables an overall solution of uniform quality for all teachers in accordance with the curriculum.
  • Fun, easy and guided learning for 6-12 year olds.
  • Can also be integrated into any subject as part of phenomenon-based learning.
  • In digital adventure you will find comprehensive material to support teaching. 
The material of the tasks and the story on the spot, and together pondering can be used to practice media literacy, online empathy and basic ict skills themes and concepts.

Teacher material

Ict and media literacy objectives is the range to support the curriculum of the wide-ranging skills: many literacy and information and communication technologies for knowledge management.
Digiseikkailun characters is built to represent certain media literacy and technology skills areas. The character can be used to search for and find their own strengths.
There is 23 a storyin digiadventurers. Stories can prepare to deal with it, or they can be read in class to motivate the characters ' world. Every story is treated subjects exhibited as soon as the beginning of the story.
Products -section are presented the mission of the world for you. They are divided into age groups of different adventure maps: preschool, 1-2 classes, 3-4 class, 5-6 class. A different adventure maps to find a subject area related to the duties of which is 10-20pcs / world. The world of the tasks you can perform to within a pace or teacher's guidance, according to.
Programming path can perform, along with the tasks to reflect the class and badges ohjelmoinnilta list thinking developed for the tasks of collecting.
Emphatypathis assembled Digiseikkailun tasks, which is especially empathetic to operate online. The path is suitable for all ages, either independently move into or teacher-led discussion in support of and in conjunction with the task.

Teacher pages the mission of the world in

Api tasks, the goal is to explore computer, it hardware, the most common software (eg. writing program) and their glossary and activities. The goal of this entity is to help create a common language and concepts ICT teaching.
Doge tasks, the goal is to learn to search for information from various sources and find ways to look at information critically. Tasks confirm image literacy and media criticism as well as guided to reflect and recognize media impact our mindset.
Häsän tasks the aim is to develop known a more conscious relationship with the media. Positions to consider shooting and image of culture as part of young people's everyday life, study and market. Positions will be built understanding the fact that every media user is content production its publications and consumer patterns of consumption by.
Llama tasks, the goal is to establish your own a sense skills as well as general empathy skills on the internet.
Llama positions consider how  technology can enrich art and skill working.
Tweety positions, the aim is to strengthen the empathy skills online. The ensemble of the manufacturer towards the good security skills and modes of communication management. In section learn to identify what kind of impact self luomillasi content is contact persons in the media.
Cursor positions the goal is to strengthen self-care skills and balanced everyday choices that students can actually affect. Positions practicing polite use technology and cause and effect understanding of own technology consumption. History tasks will help to understand media devices development arch and the continuum.
Siry tasks the aim is to develop the students ' understanding employment in the technology sector. Do they orient the student technology-assisted learning, artificial intelligence concept and robotics opportunities.
Meow-Maukun positions confirmed interesting reading to be found in the and reading processing skills. The task objective is to support read to grow and the text of the enjoyment of exercising the new literacy under teknologiarikasteisia tasks they read.