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The tasks of Digiadventurers 

by age group & pedagogical goal

Teaching teams often have very different IT skills and a varying amount of experience with IT equipment. In a digital adventure, the world can progress one by one around a theme chosen by the teacher. The following classifications help to find a pedagogically justified task for the age group of your own teaching group.

Tasks can be done in the order of the link list or by choosing freely. 

In addition, the Digiseikkailu product family includes the LaTVa project DigiBreikki -product aimed at ICT, media literacy and free education for kindergarten children.


Let's get acquainted with a computer mouseLet's learn: basic computer mouse information, position, different pointer shapes5min
Start the mouse circuit gamePractice: Practicing different clicks10min
Mouse assignments 1 - 10Practicing: double tapping, dragging, clicks5min / task
Familiarize yourself with the keyboardLet's learn: the different sections of the keyboard5min
Combine syllablesPractice: typing letters and making words from syllables10min
Key Memory Game 6Let's learn: the names of the keys5min
Llama gameLet's learn: the location of the keys10min

Stories that fit into preschool fairy tale sessions



 DigiseikkailuAim to reflect on concepts and contents:Duration
1Lama is looking for a homeretrieving basic vocabulary information from the Internet30min
2Invitation cardusing a word processing program30min
3The problem on the way to the partywriting messages and good friendship30min
4The party can startwhat feelings online communication as well as online content can cause30min
5A two-day challengethe history of digital and media devices and what life would be like without digital devices.Can you survive without digital devices?30min

7Siry's wonderful hometechnology that makes everyday life easier and the technical solutions of the future30min
8Too good to be trueassessing the reliability of information as well as getting to know the real news and false news30min

13Suspicious proposalsecurity skills in dealing with a stranger's message on social media30min