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The story discusses

  • programming language and
  • the concept of sentence in programming.

You can find more related tasks in the Programming section.

23. Commands in strange languages

Häsä sat in the yard swing and was tired. She had just come home from school. The last lesson was english and teacher Markku had given a special homework. Appi came to the yard and asked:

- Why are you grumbling, Häsä? Aren't you going for a jog with Doge?

— I can't, I have homework to do. I have to write five command sentences on the computer, Häsä sighed.

Appi was delighted, the task sounded like a lot of fun.

- In what language ?, he asked.

— What do you mean? In Finnish, Of course, Häsä answered strangely.

— Well, if you write sentences or commands sentences or commands to a computer in a programming language, you can get it to do what you want. It's programming, coding, devoloping!, Appi lectures.

- Sentences are written line by line as accurately as possible so that the program works exactly as desired. The sentences must also be in the correct order. Then the program works the way we want it to.

— Hmm, I wonder what I could tell a computer to do if I knew the programming language, Häsä pondered.


— Could I get it to do my homework for me?

— First you have to practice some programming language, Appi reminded.

— But first, let's get the Doge out. Then I'll help you with those sentences. Or what ever sentences they were. Let's go!