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The story discusses


  • what life was like before the internet
  • in which order technological devices have become available to Finns
  • it's not worth filling your entire life with smart devices alone

20. Elämää ennenvanhaan –

Kursor papa's feats

Kursor-pappa opened a large cardboard box in the hall. He was so excited that his hands were shaking. 

- Here they are now. Freshly printed books, written by me, he sighed with satisfaction.

Kursor had hardly been seen in the past months. He had locked himself in the attic at his computer to write his memoirs, which were now ready and printed as a real book.

Kursor carefully opened the topmost book. The front page read: Kari Kursonen: Kursori-papa's feats. A tear made its way to the corner of Kursor's eye. This was a solemn moment.

Later in the evening, the entire neighborhood gathered at Kursor's to celebrate the publication of the book. Everyone wanted to hear the first chapter of the book read by the author himself.

Kursor cleared his throat and began:

"Chapter 1. My childhood

I spent my childhood on a farm, enjoying a brisk and busy life. My days were filled with counting and caring for sheep and weeding the carrot bench."

-Wait a minute, Someone said from the audience. You didn't have a TV or a computer? Häsä and Appi were surprised.

Nobody had computers back then. The Television only came to the house next door when I was already a teenager. We gathered with the other young people in the village to watch it together. They were fun times together! Kursor recalled.

- Did you have cell phones anyway? Appi wanted to make sure.

-Oh, oh, I didn't get my first cell phone until I was over forty. And it was quite a box too, a big and heavy briefcase.

Häsä and Appi looked at Kursor in disbelief.

-Then how did you get on the internet? they asked as if from one mouth.

-Heh heh, the internet is actually a pretty young invention. I have lived a large part of my life without the Internet. The use of the Internet only became common in the mid-1990s. Before that, information and entertainment was sought elsewhere, Kursori said.

-Do you mean that in your youth there was no Youtube, Snapchat or camera phones? Häsa wondered.

-Yes, I couldn't even imagine something like that when I was young, Kursor smiled.

Appi had already tried living without a phone for a couple of days after the phone fell out and broke. It had actually been quite nice. He had found that there was a lot more time left for playing with friends and going out with Doge. Doge in particular had enjoyed the attention and long runs during phone-free days. 

Now Doge sat next to Api and patted him with his brown puppy eyes. It whispered quietly in Api's ear:

-Do you remember how much fun we had when your phone was being repaired?

Appi was left to think about it while Kursori continued reading his book. The phone had many useful features, but even more joy came from spending time with Doge, friends and family. Not even the best game, video or chatting beat them.