The story deals with:

  • empathy skills in the Internet
  • how material shot or recorded from another person may or may not use

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18. Bad-Happy Video Star (Part 2)

The school yard was full of students in the morning as Häsä curled up on the bike. His classmates were in the circle and chatting to an agitated tone of voice about something.

- Have you already seen the new video of Eko, Havu & Paju? It's super fun, Häsä's friends were passionate.

They handed Häsä the phone and this one got the latest hit video to see. At first, the video was a clumsy trick on a skateboard until the picture and music suddenly stopped and a familiar roar echoed in the middle of the silence: “I scolded the cat, the keys back!”

Everyone around Häsä burst into laughter, which didn't end there at all. Even the hustle and bustle laughed at first until suspicion arose in his mind. There was something very familiar about the roar of the video, but what?

At the same time, Häsä understood: the familiar sounding was, of course, the neighbor's Kursori papa. How in the world had he ended up with a music video for Eko, Havu & Paju? Did he himself be a joke in a video everyone laughed at? Häsä decided to find out after school.

After the last lesson, Häsä grabbed Ap and they cycled to Kursor's apartment. Appik did not know about Kursor's music video career and was very surprised by the situation.

- Hey, young people, does it taste like cocoa? The cursor greeted them happily at the door.

- No thanks, we would have a serious matter, He started.

A stunned look spread across the face of the cursor as the young people looked really serious.

- Uh, Cursor…. Have you heard of a band like Eko, Havu & Paju? Help asked.

- If it's some modern music, I certainly haven't heard, Cursor laughed.

- Do you know that you appeared in their latest music video? Appi continued.

Now the Cursor was already reminiscent of a live question mark, so in his godfather he was at the turn of the conversation. The app dug his phone out of his pocket and showed the video to the Cursor.

- Now I understand the long gazes, swings and giggles I encountered in the mall today, the cursor muttered in annoyance.

- I already thought I had my pants upside down.

I don't really want to appear in the video. It is not at all my type of my music. Besides, I yelled a little too angry to Meow-Maukulla, I wasn't really as mad as the video might think, the Cursor fretted.

- I know the band's players, I'm going to talk to them. It’s not right that your voice is being used in a video without permission, Appi said.

The next day, the Cursor doorbell rings again. Now there were three young people behind the door who seemed a little ashamed.

- We are Eco, Havu & Willow. We wanted to come to apologize for using your voice in the video, the boys said.

- We should have asked you for permission first.

- We removed the video from the web and make a new one, without that roar, they promised.

- It's well done. That is fine. Come inside, then boil cups of cocoa, the cursor smiled.

He had watched the video again in the evening and finally a little himself had already laughed at his cow. Undeniably, it sounded weird. But it is better to make the video again. Maybe young people's skateboard tricks would be more successful this time as well.