The story deals with

  • empathy skills in the Internet
  • how material shot or recorded from another person may or may not use

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17. Bad-Happy Video Star (Part 1)

The cursor-priest sat at the computer and stared at the corners of the screen in the folded. He had an important project in progress: he wrote his memoirs. The name of the work would be Coder papa male work and it would tell of the adventures of the Cursor in the stormy seas of coding. Miuku-Mauku sat at the windowsill, waving his tail and looking at the Cursor computer with a sly look in his green eyes.

Between the cursor was forced to take a break. He went to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. As he returned to his desk, Miuku-Mauku flashed out the door suspiciously quickly. The cursor sat at the machine and raised his hand to the keyboard. Or that was his intention, for to his horror he found that the keys had disappeared like ashes into the wind.

- What the hell is going on here? Who took the keys ?, the cursor nervous.

Doubt arose in his mind as he remembered Miuku-Mauku's slip from the crack in the door. The cursor rushed to the window and saw the cat escape around the corner with the keyboard in its mouth.

- I scolded the cover, the keys back!

Miuku-Mauku was not startled, it just continued its escape.

Meanwhile, a video was filmed down the street. The local great, a band called Eko, Havu & Paju, filmed a music video for their new hit. At least they hoped the song would become a hit. The former had received a little less attention. The cursor roar came in the middle of a cool stylish skateboarding scene where another singer did a tremendous stunt on his board. The recording had to be interrupted because the strong sound of the Cursor was recorded on the tape.

The band members bowed over the camera to watch and listen to their past scene.

- In fact, it sounds pretty amusing, Paju laughed. - Could it be used somewhere?

- Yeah, great idea! This gives a bit of humor to our video, Eco also got excited.

- Let's include it in the song, it's a fun chorus, the musicians laughed.

- I scolded…, they hummed with a grin.

The cursor knew nothing about the band members ’plans or their future as music video jokes. He regretted his lost keys at home.

- Now I have to get a new keyboard! Yes, it is the last time I agree to take care of Miuku-Mauku during Siry’s trip. Get a new cat sitter! he would talk.

But bigger problems were coming. The cursor had never dreamed of appearing in a music video, nor was he interested in such a celebrity.

For the sake of publicity, he would face embarrassing situations and embarrassing moments in the near future…