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The story discusses

  • getting to know the concept of trolling,
  • instructions on how to stop trolling from your own side,
  • strengthening cyberbullying detection skills
  • and getting reminded of communal and constructive communication in the media.

You can find more tasks in Tweety's message wall.

16. Troll Mail for the Super App

— Oh, my gosh. Here we are again, Appi updated Häsä while lookin at feedback from the Super app.

— Now listen to this too: "Very original! So you didn't know how to do anything more interesting?! Such an application is not needed anywhere.”

Häsä peeked at the screen over Api's shoulder.

— Phew! Did you notice that it was written by a Troll. Just wants to make you feel bad. Don't worry, Superapp is fine just the way it is.

However, Appi continued:

— Look at how this same commenter continues: "Hands up who unfollows (i.e. stops following) after this fiasco?"

To top it all off, the same nickname had also written nasty comments about super app on other forums.

Now Api's eyes were already shining with tears.

— Let's show this to Doge. It knows how to deal with this, Häsä comforted.

— Good idea! Doge is napping, but it wakes up every time I make snacks for football practice! Come lets go! Appi got excited.

Appi was right. Doge startled awake as soon as the refrigerator door opened. It hurried to the kitchen to smell the snacks.

— Doge, will you tell me what those trolls are? That is, internet trolls, not any sauna elves. Appi has received nasty comments and I think trolls are involved, Häsä asked.

Doge was almost as excited about the presentation as it was about eating snacks.

— Trolls are not nice trolls, but nasty enemies who enjoy being mean to others for no reason. They want to cause disruption online. They enjoy teasing others and disrupting the conversation.

— I think that the meanie who commented on the Super app is just that kind of troll, Häsä said.

— So what can I do? Nasty comments make me feel bad, Appi asked sadly.

— Should I tell the trolls how much I've worked on the Super app?

— The most important rule is that you don't answer to trolls. They only gain more strength if you feed them with your own comments, the Doge replied, glancing at the pieces of cheese on the table.

— Take a breath and count to ten before answering anyone's comments.

— That's good advice, thank you Doge, Appi replied a little calm down.

— Remember: no food for trolls, so don't join the argument. But I could take that delicious slice of cheese, Doge said, staring hard at Api's lunch box.