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The story discusses

  • the concept of phishing
  • getting to know the white hat hacker
  • learn how to protect your own information

You can find more tasks in Doge's box.

14. Strange fisherman

On summer Sundays, it was pointless to look for Kursori at home or in the yard. He was then engaged in his most beloved hobby. There was a big sign on Kursors door, which read "Gone fishing" or "Fishing".

Although it was only seven in the morning, Kursori was already at the seaside. He had collected his rod and lure and was now pushing the boat into the water.

— Ah this peace of nature, nothing beats a summer morning at sea! The birds are singing and the sea is lapping, Kursori marveled.

He rowed his boat further from the shore, threw the rod into the water and closed his eyes. Many hours could easily pass here.

Kursori soon noticed that, in addition to the lapping of the waves, clear sounds of rowing could be heard nearby. When he opened his eyes, he noticed a boat appeared beside him. Sitting in the boat was a gentleman dressed in a dark suit who looked as if he had just come from an important meeting.

- Good morning! Are fishes eating? the man started the conversation.

— Well, nothing has come yet, Kursori replied.

He would have rather been alone in peace than talking to a stranger. However, the man didn't seem to be going anywhere.

— Or it hasn't come yet. Is this where you always fish? Where do you buy your equipment? the stranger asked.

— Well, a little bit here and there and I know quite a few places where fish eat, Kursori answered already a bit annoyed.

— What is your best fishing spot? Would you tell me too, let's share the spoils! the stranger continued to inquire.

Now Kursori was already getting nervous. No one asks a fisherman about the best fishing spots!

— I don't think I can tell. I prefer to keep to myself, he replied.

A third boat also appeared at the same place. There sat a man with a white suit, a friendly expression and a hat that actually shone white in the sun.

— Morning, gentlemen! I'll check your fishing license, the white hat said.

At this point, the questioner grabbed the oars and quickly started rowing to the opposite shore. Cursor dug out the permit papers from his pocket and said:

— I don't think that guy had a clean bag. He tried to pry me out of the best places to catch, but of course I didn't tell him.

— You did exactly the right thing, replied the white hat.

— You should keep the best fishing spots to yourself, just like computer passwords and phone pin code. Your license is fine, have a nice day!

— Goodbye! Cursor replied with satisfaction.

Now he can finally relax in the nature. The catch didn't even matter.