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The story discusses

  • attitude towards a stranger's message
  • security skills in social media

You can find more tasks related to this topic on Tweety's message wall.

13. Suspicious proposal

Häsä and Appi sat in front of the green screen. They were taking promotional photos and videos for the marketing of the Superapp. The super application was ready, thanks to Kursor's coding help.

With the help of green screen, pictures were taken of them in all the different places where the application could be used: in a school classroom, a skatepark, a library, a shopping center. In order for everyone to know about this great app, it had to be promoted. Otherwise, the app would only be for Häsä and Api's own fun.

The pictures and videos turned out really great. Häsä had borrowed mom's lipstick and Ap had a new, handsome leather jacket. They looked like movie stars. Häsä published advertising videos on their YouTube channel and they created a separate account for Supersapp on Instagram. Comments and likes started coming in immediately. Häsä was very happy.

— Api, listen to this! There was a message on Instagram recently from a fan of the Superapp. He suggests a meeting and says he could help us sell the app. He also complimented our pictures, Häsä enthused.

— Should we meet him?

— Give me a moment, Appi said. Remember what Doge always says to us?

— Oh yes, you should approach strangers with caution, Häsä said.

— But he does seem friendly, he compliments our pictures so nicely.

— I think we should show that message to our parents and ask their opinion, Appi hesitates.

The children went inside to ask the adults for advice. They bumped into Aunt Siry at the door, who was just leaving to walk Miuku-Mauku. She read the message on Häsä's phone and looked worriedly at the children.

— You haven't answered him anything, have you? Siri asked.

— It's better that we familiar adults help you with the Superapp. This messenger probably can't offer any help that you can't get from us.

— Yes, you're certainly right, Aunt Siry, Häsä answered a little sheepishly.

— I just thought it was so nice when he complimented our pictures.

— The pictures are great. But listen, I have a lot of teacher friends in schools and kindergartens, I will definitely get them to use your app. I'll make a few calls as soon as I've walked Miuku-Mauku, Siry promised.

— Oh, how wonderful, thank you so much! Häsä and Appi thanked.

The unknown messenger and his vague offers should be forgotten.

The phone rang again. Dozens more comments had arrived on YouTube and Instagram - this time only happy and funny congratulations on the wonderful Superapp.