The story deals with

  • information reliability assessment as well as
  • let's get acquainted to the right news and false news

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8. Too good to be true

The week had been long and heavy. Apilla had had a lot of school work and new videos had been filmed with Häsä on Häsä's Youtube channel. The presentation had also been completed, we still had to practice it for the performance condition.

It would be nice to sleep late on the weekend, but Doge always woke up early and woke Apin. It had to get to the morning run.

Appi put on her clothes and glanced at the phone at the same time. He had come WhatsApp message from a friend.

- This can not be true! Help exclaimed.

Autumn vacation has been extended for a month! Four weeks vacation, awesome, App rejoiced.

- The Internet says so!

Doge looked at App in his godfather. It didn’t sound believable that the fall vacation would suddenly last a month. After all, the autumn vacation had lasted no more than a week, sometimes even less.

- Where did you read that? Doge asked.

- One guy sent me linkin, where this good news reads. It's something news site, I have never visited this page before.

Doge scratched her paw behind her ear and thought frantically.

- Should you check that news from some reliable source? Doge asked. For example, from the school's own website.

- That might be a good idea, Appi admitted and tapped the school homepages address in their web browser.

- What a wonder, it is said here that the autumn holiday is only for one week, in week 45.

- I think you're right, Doge. The news was too good to be true, Appi muttered in annoyance.

- Who the hell writes nonsense and claims it's news?

- I don't know, someone was trying to upset you and your friends. Not everything is worth believing, even if you read it online.

The monkey had to admit that Doge was right. He should be careful about what he believes. From now on, he would always check the reliability of the data.

- Now let's still enjoy the beautiful weather and go for a run, Doge barked and started running towards the park.

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