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The story discusses

  • technology that makes everyday life easier and
  • future technical solutions using artificial intelligence,
  • artificial intelligence and robots and their use in different situations


You can find in-depth tasks and additional information in Siri's house.

7. Siry's wonderful home

Appi sat with his nose in a book and wrote notes on a piece of paper. At least an hour had already passed and Doge woke up from his nap next to Miuku-Mauku. It was nice to sleep on the shelf, but now it wasn't tired anymore. It jumped down and decided to go explore Aunt Siry's house.

The house was brand new. Doge thought it was really strange and exciting.

Miuku-Mauku has told that their house is a smart house. And there really was intelligence in the house! If Miuku-Mauku was to be believed, almost everything happened in the house as if by itself. For example, in the morning, when Aunt Siry wakes up, the curtains open automatically and the floor under her toes is just the right temperature. That's what Miuku-Mauku likes, it doesn't like being cool at all.

The first thing Doge did was go to the kitchen. It found that you can see inside the fridge and the fridge has already made a list of what to get from the store. Doge noticed a delicious packet of cheese on the fridge shelf.

—  Hmm, voisin maistaa hieman juustoa, Doge tuumasi. Nythän on välipala-aika.

After eating the cheese, Doge licked his lips and headed for the bathroom. It peeked through the door. What on earth! The toilet flushes itself and water comes out of the tap automatically.

—  Janottaa, Doge ajatteli.

It stuck its snout under the tap and water started spraying out of the tap itself. When it had drunk enough, it moved a little and the water flow stopped.

Miuku-Mauku had said that wireless internet is everywhere and in all devices in the house. The house reportedly uses AI. It means artificial intelligence. It's like the house has eyes and ears everywhere, and it has learned to know what the resident likes and wants.

Miuku-Mauku had also claimed that there is a robot named Sophiawith artificial intelligence built into it. It can chat and joke with people. Would you believe that?, Doge wondered.

Sometimes even children who can't go to school for a long time can get a robot home, so that they wouldn't be so lonely.

—  Onkohan koirarobotteja vielä keksitty?, Doge pohti. Mitähän ne voisivat tehdä?

—  Äh, ehkä tykkään enemmän oikeista koirakavereista, se kuitenkin mietti.

At the same time, it heard Api calling its name. It had been wandering around the house for a long time and completely forgot about the library and Api's homework. It started pawing towards the library, but the corridor door had closed. A wonderful door that is just glass and has no handle or hinges anywhere.

—  Miten tämän oven saa auki, Doge tuskaili.

Suddenly, when Doge was right in front of the door, the door slid open and Doge entered the library. There was a motion sensor on the door.

—  Huh, siinähän sinä olet, etsin sinua kaikkialta, Appi sanoo Dogelle.

—  Sain esitelmän valmiiksi, siitä tuli ihan huippu! Nyt lähdetään kotiin.

In the yard, Appi and Doge saw Cursor.

—  Appi, tulehan tänne, Kursori kutsui. Minulla on sinulle yllätys!

—  Sain puhelimesi korjattua, siinä on nyt uusi näyttö ja muutama muukin osa meni vaihtoon. Nyt se on parempi kuin uusi!

Appi thanked Kursor and put the phone in his pocket. It was nice to have my phone back, but the two days without it had gone surprisingly easily.

—  Oli oikeastaan tosi mukavaa, kun puhelin ei jatkuvasti soinut tai piipannut, Appi ajatteli.

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