The story deals with

  • everyday life facilitation technology and
  • coming technical solutions for artificial intelligence taking advantage of
  • artificial intelligence and robots as well as their use in different situations

You can find in-depth assignments and more information at Siry's house.

7. Siry's wonderful home

The assistant sat on the nose in the book and wrote notes on paper. It had been at least an hour and Doge had woken up from his sleep next to Miuku-Mauku. It was nice to sleep on the shelf, but now it was no longer tired. It jumped down and decided to go explore Aunt Siry's house.

The house was brand new. Doge thought it was really weird and exciting.

Miuku-Mauku has said that their house is smart house. And the intelligence in the house really was! If Miuku-Maukua was to be believed, almost everything happened in the house as if by itself. For example, in the morning, when Aunt Siry wakes up, the curtains open automatically and the floor under her toes is just the right temperature. Miuku-Mauku likes it, it doesn't thrive in the cool at all.

Doge went first to the kitchen. It noticed that the refrigerator can be seen inside and the cabinet has already made a list of what to look for in the store. Doge noticed a delicious package of cheese on the fridge shelf.

- Hmm, I could taste some cheese, Doge said. Now it's snack time.

After eating the cheese, Doge licked his lips and headed for the bathroom. It peeked in through the door. What on earth! The toilet bowl draws itself and the tap becomes water automatically.

- Thirsty, Doge thought.

It pushed its nose under the faucet and water began to spray from the faucet itself. When it had drunk enough, it shifted slightly and the water supply ceased.

Miuku-Mauku had said that wireless internet is everywhere and on all the devices in the house. The house is reportedly taken advantage of OH: ta. It means artificial intelligence. The house has, as it were, eyes and ears everywhere, and it has learned to know what a resident likes and what it wants.

Miuku-Mauku had also claimed to exist a robot named Sophiaon which artificial intelligence is built. It can talk and joke with people. Would you believe that? ”Doge wondered.

Sometimes even children who don’t get to school for a long time can get a home robot, so they would not be so lonely.

"Have dog robots been invented yet?" Doge wondered. What could they do?

- Uh, maybe I like more real dog friends, but it thought.

At the same time, she heard Apin shouting her name. It had been touring the house for a long time and had completely forgotten about the library and Api’s homework. It started to clap towards the library, but the door to the hallway had closed. A wonderful door that is just glass and no handle or hinges anywhere.

- How do you get this door open, Doge was in pain.

Suddenly, when Doge was right in front of the door, the door slid open and Doge got into the library. There was a motion sensor on the door.

- Huh, that's where you are, I'm looking for you everywhere, Appi tells Dogelle.

- I finished the presentation, it became the best! Let's go home now.

In the yard, Appi and Doge saw the Cursor.

- Help, come here, the cursor called. I have a surprise for you!

- I got my phone repaired, it now has a new screen and a few other parts went for replacement. Now it's better than new!

The app thanked Cursor and pushed the phone into his pocket. It was nice to get the phone back, but two days without a phone had gone surprisingly easily.

- It was really nice when the phone didn't ring or beep all the time, Appi thought.

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