The story deals with

  • digital devices benefits and disadvantages,
  • on the Internet and rational use of equipment and
  • practicing information texts use in studying.

In addition to the story assignments, you can deepen the topic with the assignments in the Miuku-Mauku library.

6. Impossible homework

The assistant cycled from school home. Every now and then he tried his pocket and looked up the phone to see if anyone had called or sent messages. He then remembered that the phone was still under repair at the Cursor.

"It's hard to live without a phone," Appi said in an upset.

And a more difficult situation was still ahead. The teacher had given a homework assignment to hold look for information online and compile the data as a presentation. Normally, Appi would have used the phone for the task: looking for information From Google and From Wikipedia and compiled their findings PowerPoint presentation or a mind map with an application, for example Popletilla. Now it was not possible, had to come up with something else.

The assistant arrived in the backyard at the corners. Doge jumped against him and happily welcomed him home. At the same time, Aunt Siry also came to the neighbor's yard.

- Hi Appi, why are you looking so worried?

Appi explained his impossible homework to Siry.

Siry was immediately excited:

- Emergency doesn't look like this, Appi. Come visit my library. There you are sure to find all the information you need. And take Doge with you, Miuku-Mauku misses the company.

Appi and Doge immediately left for Siry. It was an exciting house, full of the latest technology. Siry’s home was called the Smart House, and Appia was hugely interested in all the appliances and gadgets in the apartment.

This time, however, Siry took them directly to the library. It was a huge room with all the walls lined with bookshelves from floor to ceiling. The assistant looked at the bookshelves in amazement.

- Here you will surely find all the information you need, Siry assured.

- You're just saying what you're looking for. Everything is archived in alphabetical and thematic order. In the archive cards you will find the work you want and its shelf space.

The app started browsing the archive cards.

- A like professions… There! A suitable book was found immediately!

"Now you still need pencils and paper, you're making a really nice poster about it," Siry advised.

The assistant started working. Dogek set out excited to explore the shelves. The books smelled special, a bit like a cat. It sniffed the lines of books when suddenly its nose hit something soft. The cat's hairy tail peeked out - Miuku-Mauku was in a comfortable lying position in the corner of the shelf.

- Come with me Doge here behind the books, it's nice to laze here, it called.

Doge jumped on the shelf. Soon a steady snore began to sound as the friends fell asleep in Siry’s library. In addition, there was only a rattle of the pen against the paper. Appi wrote a presentation about his wish career.

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