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The story discusses

  • history of digital and media devices and
  • let's think about what life would be like without digital devices.
  • Can you survive without digital devices?

You can find more tasks in Cursor's attic and Api's hut.

5. A two-day challenge

Appi and Häsä were sitting on the yard swing. It was a beautiful summer day, but the children were bored.

— There is nothing to do, Appi complained.

— Hey, I have an idea! Let's go cycling, Häsä suggested.

— Good idea, Appi got excited and ran to get his bike.

Appi jumped on the bike and sped off into the street. There was a bang and a nasty crash – something fell out of Api's pocket onto the asphalt. Appi braked and turned to look.

— Oh my goodness, my new smartphone dropped and the screen is now in thousands of pieces, Appi scolded.

Häsä jumped off the bike and started collecting phone pieces from the street.

— It's not a problem, let's go ask Kursor if he knows how to fix your phone, Häsä comforted.

Kursori, real name Kari Kursonen, lives next door to Häsä and Api and is famous for his huge technology warehouse. In Kursori's attic you can find all possible devices and gadgets, including ancient televisions and landline telephones from the time before mobile phones. The specialty of the collection is the Commodore 64 computer from the distant 1980s. The cursor can also fix almost anything.

Häsä and Appi climbed the stairs to the door of the house and rang Kursori's doorbell. After a while, the door opened and Kursor's big glasses were the first to appear.

— Well, kids, come further!, Kursori wished happily. I will offer you juice and breadcrumbs.

Inside, Cursor noticed that Api's eyes were teary.

— What's wrong, Appi? Why are you in a bad mood?, Cursor asked.

Appi showed his broken phone and sobbed:

— My brand new phone fell on the street and broke. What do I do now?

While Appi and Kursori were examining the phone, Häsä sneaked up to the attic to wonder about old things. They were wildly interesting: on the table was an old fax machine, a heavy-looking NMT phone, Sony Walkmantape recorder and a pile of breadcrumbs, that were not meant to be eaten.

— What the hell have these devices been used for?, Häsä thought.

The cursor flipped the pieces of the phone in his hands and finally noted:

— Yes, we can still get a working one out of this, but right now I don't have all the necessary parts. Could you do without a phone for a couple of days, Appi? Come the day after tomorrow, by then the phone will be fine again.

Appi was delighted, you can always trust Cursor! But wait, two days without a phone… How would he survive?

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