The story deals with

  • what kind of feelings communication online, as well as
  • online content can cause.

You can find more related tasks in the Lama Fence and on Tweety's message board.

4. The party can begin

The llama stood in the middle of the fence with a cardboard crown on its head. It smiled happily. The party was attended by the whole group of the neighborhood: Häsä with her father, Kursori-pappa, Appi and Doge, as well as Aunt Siry and Miuku-Mauku. The Tweety bird also flew in the paddock with a festive bow around his neck.

- Welcome, dear friends! It's wonderful that you got there. I am a new resident here and I really want to get to know you all. Häsä has baked tasty cakes, taste it! Personally, I especially recommend grass cake.

However, the grass cake was left to be eaten by the hero of the day as everyone else lined up next to the strawberry cake. Or not all - Miuku-Mauku was sitting alone under the table and looked grumpy. It glared at Tweety. Others did not notice the cat's irritable state, but cheered happily and tasted the delicacies and juice.

When it was Tweety's turn to take a piece of cake on her plate, Miuku-Mauku jumped under the table and swung the cake to the floor. Everyone fell silent and turned in their godparents to watch the cat and bird roar.

"What the hell are you doing, Miuku-Mauku?" Asked Aunt Siry, the owner of Miuku-Mauku.

- Tweety's on my nerves, Miuku-Mauku hissed.

- Everyone likes Tweety more than I do. Its writings and pictures on the message board get much more likes and comments like my message, Miuku-Mauku roared.

Now there were already tears in her eyes.

- Have you written them? nasty comments to the message board ?, Doge asked.

- I am, so annoyed, the cat confessed and swallowed its tears.

- Oh no, Miuku-Mauku! We all like you terribly, exclaimed Häsä and grabbed Miuku-Mauku in his arms.

Häsä stroked the cat's asparagus so that it began to cry loudly.

- Dear Miuku-Mauku, Tweety has a big flock of bird lovers who of course like all its updates. But no friends are counted on the basis of likes. Friends are the ones who are important and close to you, like all of us here at the party, Häsä comforted.

Now Miuku-Maukuki calmed down. It was already a little ashamed of its silly behavior.

- Sorry Lama for causing this kind of conflict at your party. And sorry Tweety, no matter how silly to be jealous. Häää is just right, yes right friends are more important than likes.

The lama sighed with relief. The party had almost gone into contention, but fortunately a reconciliation had been found. At the same time, Doge appeared next to Lama and handed him the package.

- I hope you like my gift. I found these little used virtual glasses from the flea market. I thought you would like them.

Lama put his glasses on his eyes. Suddenly it was in its old domestic landscape In the Andes of South America. And when it took the glasses off, it was again with its new friends in its own pen.

The lama was moved by Dog's kindness.

- This is the best gift I've ever received. Thank you Doge!

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