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The story discusses

  • writing messages
  • good social media friendship

You can find tasks related to the topic in Llama's enclosure and Tweety's message wall.

3. The problem on the way to the party

It was early Saturday morning. The llama party would be today.

Appi came out with Doge. They were going for a morning run.

The lama looked at the Doge thoughtfully. It had been disturbed from day one that Doge looked so familiar. Where had it seen Doge before? Now it didn't have time to think about it, because there was a party to organize.

— Hey Laama, we're just going for a run and then we'll come help with the arrangements!, Appi exclaimed.

- Nice, thanks. Häsä promised to make two cakes. I hope she remembers, Laama was nervous.

— Häsä is currently looking for recipes online, don't worry! Häsä is the best cake baker in this neighborhood.

In the afternoon, everything was almost ready. Häsä had brought wonderful cakes to the enclosure - one had strawberry and the other hay frosting. Aunt Siry had delicious cookies and Kursori brought a bottle of raspberry juice. Miuku-Mauku was already there too. Appi put decorative lights around the enclosure and tuned the music equipment: speakers and a playlist from the phone, which had all of Lama's favorite songs. Still missing was Doge and Tweety the bird.

Doge had left on time, but it had stopped on the way in front of the message wall. The wall was meant for the animals in the yard to communicate with each other. There were updates on everyday incidents, birthday wishes, funny pictures and selfies. Doge especially had a funny profile picture.

Definitely the most popular were Tweety's funny updates. They had a lot likes and under them was written other. But wait a minute – Doge noticed that not all comments were nice.

At the same time, Tweety flew to the scene. Also noticed the comments.

— Who on earth has left nasty comments here? It's bullying! They don't even have the writers name on them, Doge wondered.

— This is not funny, I'm going to feel bad, Tweety chirped with a tear in the corner of his eye.

— We have to solve the riddle of nasty comments. But now let's go celebrate Lama's birthday, Doge consoled.

— When we find out who's writing these nasty messages, we could teach him some manners.

Doge took the small package with him and set off with Tweety towards the Llama's enclosure. The nasty messages weighed on its mind, but it was satisfied with the gift it had invented. Llama would like it! And maybe at the party, the riddle of nasty comments would also be solved.

When Doge and Tweety arrived at the enclosure, Appi turned on the lights on the decorative lamps and put on some music.

Seeing Doge, Llama remembered. Now it knew where it had seen Doge before! Online, of course, in the funny dog memes. The llama laughed – it had solved the Doge's riddle. How nice that it had such a funny new friend.

The party can begin!

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