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The story discusses

  • keyboard skills
  • using a word processor

You can find in-depth tasks in Api's house.

2. Invitation card

Sunday was an exciting day. Häsä and dad took the llama home with a big van. In front of the house, the llama jumped out of the car and cautiously peeked through the gate into the yard. This would be its new home. It was terribly stressful.

A friendly-looking dog, a Japanese Shiba inu, was sitting in the yard. The llama wondered why the dog looked so familiar. Somewhere the llama had seen it before, but where?

— Welcome, you must be the new llama of the Häsä family. My name is Doge, I live in that neighborhood.

— Thank you, yes I'm llama. Nice to meet you!

When the people went inside the house, the llama remained standing in his enclosure. Although it loved its new home and new human friends, it looked sad in its enclosure. Häsä's old laptop was on the ground, and the llama was now staring at it with annoyance.

— Hello llama, is something wrong?, Doge asked worriedly.

The llama sighed deeply.

— My birthday is on Saturday. I would have liked to invite the neighborhood friends to a party and get to know them better, but I can't use a computer keyboard or a word processor with these hooves.

— Don't worry, I can write on a computer, Doge was excited. Just tell me what to write. I'll open a word processor first!

— Oh thank you Doge, great! Let's start with a greeting. Write "Hello neighbor!" Remember the capital letter and the exclamation point.

— It's not that easy, the Doge thought. How do I get them from the keyboard?

— Press shift key and the letter h at the same time, and you get a capital H. You get the exclamation mark when you press shift and the number one, Laama advised.

— Succeeded! What else do I write?

— First press enter key and start on a new line. Write: Welcome to my birthday party. The party is next Saturday at 3 p.m.

— Wait a minute, wait a minute! Where do I get numbers?, the Doge wondered.

— They are there in the top row. Do you see?

— Yes, it's written now. Will there be more to this?

— At the end, you still have to write who the message is from. Start again on a new line and write: Greetings from your neighbor Lama.

- It's ready! Can I come to your party too?

— Of course you can come, it will be fun! Thanks for your help, without you I wouldn't have gotten the letter written!

— No problem! You can print the invitations at Api's hut and I can take them to the neighbors, Doge promised. output over there in Api's hut and I can take them to the neighbors, Doge promised.

In its mind it still thought:

— What on earth do i come up as a gift for llama?

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