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The story discusses

  • basic vocabulary of information and communication technology
  • information search on the internet
  • planning a your own sales announcement
  • concept ofmeme
  • Power Point -presentation
  • YouTube -channel
Soundcloud - Llama is looking for a home

1. The lama searches for a home

Helinä - whom everyone calls Häsä - rushes excitedly from her own room to the living room.

— Dad, guess what?

Dad is sitting in an armchair with a laptop in his lap and looks at something important. Aunt Siry and the neighbor's dad Kursori are staring at the computer screen with dad. Aunt Siry's cat Miukumauku is lounging on the sofa looking contented and playing a mousegame on Siry's phone. It splashes pictures of mice on the phone screen and gets a point for every virtual mouse it catches.

Adults have a meeting going on and Hässä can tell from a distance that now is not really a good time to disturb.

— Im not guessing. What?, Dad asks anyway.

— I saw an on the Internet an advertisement looking for a new home for the llama. Could it come to us?

Dad sighs. This is not the first time that Häsä starts a discussion about the llama. Dad and Häsä have researched possible pets together on the internet, looked for information and looked at pictures. In addition, Häsä has shown her dad llama videos from Youtube and funny memes, in which the image of a llama is combined with a joke.

— But why exactly? A llama, wouldn't a hamster be enough? Caring for a pet means a lot of work and responsibility. Are you sure you can take care of it?, dad asks.

— I'm doing a presentation in school about "llama as a pet." You can see that I've really looked into how to take care of a llama. I can show PowerPoint presentation on how to take care of a llama, Häsä enthuses.

— Hmm... Maybe later. Let's consider it. But now we continue with the housing association meeting. Go play, dad shouts.

Häsä returns to her room. Her best friend Abrad aka Appi and his dog Doge are waiting there. However, Doge is more interested in the Tweety bird chirping behind the window than the children's llama plans. Tweety has a lot of bird friends and they always have something fun going on.

— Well, what did your dad say? Appi was curious.

Acquiring a llama is actually both of their idea. Häsä and Appi are planning their own super app, which will become a phone appthat solves all children's problems, and for its illustration, a descriptive main character like a llama is desperately needed.

— Dad almost already promised, Häsä says happily.

Häsä opens the tablet. The screen reads:

"A kind llama is looking for a new home due to lack of space. house-trained. Likes to hang out with kids. Hurry.”

Häsä and Appi glance at each other and smile. Häsä taps something on her tablet and thinks for a moment. Finally, She presses the button that says "Send".

What on earth could Häsä have written?

  • laptopa lightweight computer that is easy to carry
  • tablettablet device, tablet computer, a one-piece touchscreen and easily portable device with a screen that you can touch and perform tasks and write, you can zoom in and out by pinching with your fingers, you can open and close tablet applications, i.e. programs, by swiping
  • net / in the Internet - the internet is a global information system that uses the internet protocol to connect more than a billion different IT devices to each other
  • virtual micevirtual means a realistic thing created on a computer – a cat chases a virtual mouse from a tablet
  • phone app – application, application, program
  • the screen – a computer display device where you can see images and information
  • YouTube – a popular video service where you can upload your own videos if you are logged into the service
  • gamethe game can be browser-based or application-based, on a computer, tablet device or game console also a board game or yard game
  • PowerPointA presentation program from the Microsoft software package that allows you to make your own presentations so that they have pictures and text and the pages change by pressing the keys

This is the first story of the first part.

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