The story deals with

  • information and communication technologies basic vocabulary
  • information retrieval from the Internet
  • own sales announcement to do
  • meemi-concept
  • Power Point -presentation
  • YouTube -channel
Soundcloud - Lama is looking for a home

1. The lama searches for a home

The ringing - which everyone calls Häs - rushes with excitement, speaking from his own room into the living room.

- Dad, guess what?

Dad is sitting in an armchair laptop in his arms and examining something important looking. Aunt Siry and her neighbor Cursor staring at the computer screen with her father. Siry's aunt's cat Miukumauku lazes on the couch looking happy and plays with Siry's phone mouseplayed. It splashes mouse images on the phone screen and gets a point for every one it captures virtual mouse.

The adults have a meeting going on and Häsä can see from afar that now is not really a good time to disturb.

- I don't think so. But what ?, Dad asks.

- I saw it in the Internet a notice seeking a new home for the llama. Could it come to us?

Dad sighs. This is not the first time Häsä has started a conversation about a llama. Father and Häsä have researched potential pets online, searched for information and viewed pictures. In addition, Häsä has shown Dad From Youtube llama videos and fun memes, in which the image of a lama is combined with a joke.

- But why llama, wouldn't a hamster be enough? Pet care means a lot of work and responsibility. Are you sure you know how to handle it ?, Dad asks.

- I give a presentation at school about “The Lama as a Pet”. From that you can see that I have really found out about the treatment of the lama. I can show PowerPoint presentation about the care of the lama, Häsä is passionate.

- Hmm… Maybe later. Let's consider it. But now we continue the housing association meeting. Let's play, Dad rushes.

He returns to his room. There awaits his best friend Abrad aka Appi and this Doge dog. Admittedly, the Doge is more interested in the Tweety bird chirping behind the window than the children's llama plans. Tweety has a lot of bird friends and they always have some fun going on.

- Well, what did your father say? Appi uteli.

Acquiring a llama is actually their common idea. Häsä and Appi are designing their own super application, which will solve all children's problems phone application, and a descriptive protagonist like the llama is sorely needed for its illustration.

- Dad almost promised, Häsä says happily.

Häsä opens tablets. On the screen reads:

“A kind llama is looking for a new home due to lack of space. Inside clean. Thrives with children. Hurry."

Häsä and Appi look at each other and smile. Häsä taps something on her tablet and thinks for a moment. Finally, he presses a button that says “Submit”.

What miracle could Häsä write?

  • laptopa lightweight computer that is easy to carry
  • tablettablet device, tablet computer, one-piece touch screen and easy-to-carry device with touch screen for typing and typing, swipe to zoom in and out, swipe to open and close tablet apps
  • online / in the Internet - the Internet is a global information system that uses the Internet Protocol to connect more than a billion different IT devices;
  • virtual mousevirtual means a real thing created on a computer - a cat chases a virtual mouse from a tablet
  • phone application - application, application, program
  • display - a computer display device that displays images and information
  • YouTube - a popular video service where you can upload your own videos if you are logged in
  • gamethe game can be browser-based or application-based, on a computer, tablet or game console also a board game or a yard game
  • PowerPointPresentation software for a Microsoft software package that lets you make your own presentations with images and text, and press pages to switch between keys

This is the first story in the first part.

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