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Home view of the workspace

Explore the workspace together. What functions might be found there?

Think together

What does this code accomplish? How does a cat move?

Pictures of the blocks to help with class work

Explanations for different blocks in Scratch Junior


Start blocks

  • the green flag starts / launches the script
  • touch to start a script
  • a collision can also trigger a script for another character

Business segments

You can adjust the amount of movement by pressing the number below the arrow.

Appearance blocks

  • speech bubble
  • character magnification and reduction
  • character hiding and appearance commands

Sound blocks

  • ready-made sound effect “plup”
  • you can also make your own recording using the microphone

Office control blocks

  • wait function
  • stop
  • setting the speed and
  • loop command

Finishing blocks

  • quit script
  • repeat the entire script
  • finally, change the background and script to a new scene