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Let's build our own computer!


Gather the materials first. You can use the adjacent model or draw the computer parts yourself.
To make a paper laptop, you need two pieces of paper or papers in the color and size you want your laptop case to be.
You will learn new words while building a computer:
  • workbench
  • folder
  • boot menu
  • icon
  • trash can
  • level mice
  • besides
  • the screen
  • keyboard
  • usb port
  • hdmi port
  • charger input
  • graphics processor
  • mass memory
  • rom memory
  • processor
  • ram memory
You will also need two pieces of white paper, a piece of cardboard, a ruler, scissors, glue, clear tape, a pen and colored pencils.
If you want a decorative laptop case, get textured paper instead of plain paper.
Model the keyboard on a real computer. Draw it precisely one key at a time. Remember to add the level mice as well as computer ventilation holes as well as a start button.
Also add three holes to the side of the computer: usb port, hdmi port and charger input.
You can get a memory stick with more files in the usb port, and you can connect it to the hdmi port so that you can show things like a computer to others.
On a separate piece of paper, draw the parts - components inside the computer: graphics processor, mass memory, processor, rom memory, ram memory. You can come up with their appearance yourself.
Since your laptop doesn't have its own support structure to hold it upright, you have to do the computer rack.
Fold the cardboard into three equal strips using the cardboard. Fold it again and bring the edges of the cardboard together into a triangle shape.
Tape along the edge to make the triangle sturdy.
Design your computer screen and desktop now. What things do you have on your desk? Add a start menu, recycle bin, browser and folders.
Name the folders the way you want things to be stored on your computer's desktop: music, hobby, artwork, coding projects...
If you want to have a favorite game on your desktop, you can draw the game icon. An icon is a picture, which can be opened by double-clicking.
Gather your screen. Smooth the workbench with your hand and gently smooth out any bubbles.
Show off your computer and its functions to your friends now! Tell them all the extra information you know!
The pictures for this assignment are captured from the page: