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2. Which of these is a computer


Below you can see different pictures. Try to think:

  • Which are computers?
  • Which are not computers?
  • Discuss the whole class / pair / group together and justify your answer.
phone / camera / elevator / sun / personal scale / microwave oven / cash register / green plant / scissors / toilet bowl / ear buds / rain cloud / game controller...

How can I tell if something is a computer or not?
For a thing to be called a computer, it should include:
  • software ("softa", engl. software) is hidden inside the device
  • hardware ("iron", engl. hardware) is outer shell
In this exercise, you can think about it simply. Think about whether, in addition to the outer shell , the thing in the picture contains some softwarethat includes various commands for the device. Has someone programmed instructions for the device or the thing?
If it's a device with software inside, you can classify it in this task into a computer.