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Below you can see different pictures. Try to consider:

  • What are computers?
  • What are not computers?
  • Discuss the whole class / couple / group together and justify your answer.

phone / camera / elevator / sun / personal scale / microwave / cash register / greenery / scissors / toilet bowl / earbuds / rain cloud / game controller…

How do I know if something is on the computer or not?

So that can be said as a computer, it should include:

  • software (“Software”, engl. software) on hidden inside the device
  • hardware ("Iron", engl. hardware) on outer shell

In this exercise, you can think about it simply. Consider whether the picture is the case outer shell in addition inside something softwarewith included various commands for the device. Has anyone programmed instructions for the device or thing?

If it is a device with software inside, you can classify it in this task as a computer.