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Read the story about making Doge's delicious bread.

Create an instruction code for making your own delicious bread, hamburger or other delicious food.





5. ….

Finally, add the EXECUTE -command.

Play with a friendand see if your instruction code works.

Return the written instruction code to the teacher.

Doge's delicious bread

After all, everyone knows that dogs are quite sweetmouths, and this is the case with Doge as well. The highlight of Doge's week is when he and Ap get to the Digiway bun restaurant, where he can order exactly the bun he wants at any given time. Coincidentally, today is Doge's Name Day and Appi has promised to take Doge to his favorite restaurant.

The remarkable thing about this restaurant is that each customer programs the bread roll robot to work exactly the way they want, so that the ordered bread is exactly the way they want it. This requires considerable accuracy and giving instructions as clearly as possible.

Doge arrives with Api at the Digiway bun restaurant and immediately upon entering is confronted by a large touchscreen order machine.

- "Welcome to the Digiway restaurant." The ordering machine greets you with a somewhat robotic voice.

- "Please select the bun you want on the screen, the fillings and the order in which they are assembled."

Doge takes a moment to examine the extremely wide selection of the ordering machine and soon starts giving instructions for the machine for assembling his delicious bun.

Instructions for the machine

In programming

1. choose a whole wheat bun for a bun.

2. Cut the roll in half and toast both sides until crispy.

3. Add a thin layer of delicious mayonnaise on both halves of the bun.

4. Add two broad bean patties between the buns.

5. Chop six equally thick slices of cucumber and add the cucumbers on top of the steaks.

6. Fry four onion rings until crispy and add them over the cucumbers.

7. Wash carefully two large lettuce leaves.

8. Sprinkle a pinch of black pepper on top.

9. Set the top of the bun on top of the base and fillings.

10. Wrap the ready bun in paper to make eating easier.


Finally, the Doge presses the ”Run”button on the order machine and follows to wonder how Digiway's bread Machine prepares the bun exactly according to the Doge's instructions. The bun seems to be making itself as Doge waits for his food at the counter.

Soon the Bread machines telescopic handle hands the finished bun to the Doge:

- "You're welcome. Your order is now ready. Would you like anythin else?", the robot kindly asks Doge.

- "Thank you very much. A glass of ice water would be nice with this delicious bread.", Doge answered.

And in the blink of an eye, the robot brought a large mug of ice water to Doge's tray and left our friend to enjoy his well-deserved delicious bread.