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Books on programming

Applications to the basics of programming

Here you can learn…

- What is programming thinking and how to practice it!

- Basic concepts to the graphic  for programming!

-Get to know robotics  basic skills!

-Design a small one game or  animation in a graphical environment!

- You can also collect here badges On your programming path!

Part 1

Our programmed environment

Crafts and reflection

Programming games and games

Part 2

Programmed graphically

Programming robots

Part 3

Let's do our own programming projects


Our programmed environment

The latest smart devices work with a code. In this episode Topic 1 we study our programmed environment.
You may find a surprising amount of code-enabled devices in your home. Ovens, stoves, microwaves, televisions, cars, heat pumps today contain processor, which performs code.
Each device has its own operating system, software that enables the operation of commands given to a machine.
For example fridge may recommend a recipe that can be made from the ingredients remaining in the refrigerator.
Wau, how?
Refrigerator sensors and transducers detect which products can be found in the closet and the refrigerator software retrieves information from the internet about what kind of dish they can make. If something is missing or the products are identified as outdated, the device sends the order to the grocery store, which brings the products directly to your door. By doing this, the smart refrigerator reduces unnecessary shopping and throwing food in the trash, convenient! And this was just a small example of the benefits of programming knowledge to all of us!
You may have heard the word Internet of Things? Internet of Things or Internet of Things mean connecting devices and machines to the network. That way, you can manage your own devices at home with your phone or tablet, for example. Just like in Siry's smart house!


Goals in the mark:

  • You will learn to understand that we are around us equipment that work with code.
  • You will learn the concepts iron / hardware (hardware) ja software / software (software).
  • Learn to detect devices around you and to investigate their activities.

Tee tehtävät 2, 3 ja 4.

Crafts and reflection

Building Legos is fun.
Encoding is also construction, but the things it builds can be brings to life.
The coder creates your own their games and worlds, where he can set the rules himself.

Goals in the mark:

  • Askarrella own computer and at the same time get to know the parts of your computer named.
  • Learn about drag-and-drop programming programming thinking - giving step-by-step commands basic idea.
  • Consider one thing computers are good, where in turn man is skilled and how to get the best cooperation between machine and man.

Tee tehtävät 5, 6 ja 7.

Programming games and games

Let's get to know the coding of different playing and giving step-by-step commands through skills development tasks. Development of programming thinking in primary school, basic programming concepts and providing opportunities making your own visual programming projects is central.
In class clips voidaan yhtälailla oppia yleisiä ohjelmoinnin käsitteitä kuten algorithm, theorem, loop, conditional theorem, variable, event.

Goals in the mark:

  • Let's see basic programming concepts while playing and tasks through.
  • Do paper exercises that strengthen the understanding of basic concepts.

Tee tehtävät 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

Giving step - by - step commands

A bread robot has broken down at Dog’s favorite restaurant. Machine commands are quite confused. Program sentences order that the robot can stack the bread.


Programmed graphically

Scratch is a popular, free, visual programming environment, where you can program interactive stories, games and animations.
Jobs can be easily saved to the service and continue working. It is also possible to share work with others. The Junior version of Scratch Jr is a narrower version of Scratch.


Algorithm is detailed guide siitä, miten tehtävä tai prosessi suoritetaan. Esim. matematiikassa allekkainjakolasku – 1.jaa, 2.kerro, 3.vähennä, 4.pudota. Follow the instructions carefully can be solved a certain problem.


Sentence means programming instructions or commandwhich tells the computer that it has to do something.


The loops can be used for the same sentence (command) is repeated several times. Eternal loop toistaa sen sisällä olevia käskyjä niin kauan, kunnes ohjelma pysäytetään. Tällä silmukalla can be determined number of repetitions. In this case, the things inside the loop would be repeated ten times.


With conditional statements in programming, the program is made to work as desired conditions are met. Conditional sentences are blocks that read “If”, “when” or “until". The conditional clause therefore requires that some the condition must be trueto make something happen.


The variables are in the programming storage locations to someone value in the computer memory. The variables must be named themselves. The variable must be given unique nameso that the computer knows where the value labeled can be found in the computer 's memory. For example, if you want a score counter for your game that records the number of points, you need to create a variable yourself "Score".


The event triggers a series of instructions. With the help of events, for example, characters can also message each other. So the event is a message. For example, in Scratch, the block that sends the message reads "send …" and in the receiving block “When I receive…”.

Goals in the mark:

  • Learn Scratch Junior- application functions as well as understand basic block functions so that it tries to make an animation and shows others the programming experiments it has done.
  • Getting to know each other Scratch.mit.edu graphical programming software and its potential.
  • When programming graphically, practice using programming basic concepts in his speech.

Practice the basics of Scratch.

Scratch Junior

Application for tablet


Scratch.mit.edu for your computer

Programming robots

In this section, small robots are programmed. The robot does not have its own thinking, but works exactly as you have given it commands. Learn how to build Lego Mindstorms robots and program them to move the way you want. Beebots and Bluebots are suitable for primary education, programming and getting to know robotics.

Learn about robots and how to program them.

The goal of the brand:

  • Try out use different little robots and move them in different programming tasks.
  • Meet For Lego Mindstorms robots and their assembly and possibilities in the field of robotics.


We plan and implement our own programming projects

Tässä jaksossa tehdään omia pelejä Scratch-ympäristössä. Ohjevideot katsomalla pääset vauhtiin visuaalisessa ohjelmoinnissa. Voit tehdä niin monta projektia kuin innostut tekemään.

Goals in the mark:

  • Learn Scratch Junior- application functions as well as understand basic block functions so that it would be possible to make your own animation.
  • Learn to exercise no later than sixth grade Scratch.mit.edu graphical programming software so that gets done your game or animation (which contains, for example, sound).
  • Graphically programming programming basic concepts used in teaching and by the student to explain the process to others and in describing one’s own learning.

Implement a graphic programming project.



for independent programming practice!