Online phising or phishing (in finnish kalastelu, also known as Verkkourkinta) is in information technology criminal activity, which aims to gain access to confidential information such as 

  • personal data or 
  • data, 
  • acting as a party entitled to access information. 

The desired information is in particular password or credit card information, which can be used by an attacker to achieve significant financial gains; even a few victims who have fallen for the scam can make the criminal activity profitable. 

Phising usually takes place in the form of e-mail or instant message.

The scam message aims to show as authentic as possible and sent by a reliable party.

The open appearance of e-mail messages helps to deceive the uninformed. 

A message whose sender is indicated as is not necessarily connected to the server in any way. 

From the header information, you can usually see which server the message originated from. 

Some e-mail services, such as the browser version of Gmail, notify the customer when a message comes from a different server than the one indicated in the sender address.