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The LaTVa project begins cooperation with DigiBreik

9/14/2020 Helsinki

The LaTVa project develops measures based on researched knowledge and utilizing technologies in a multifunctional way, to organize three-stage support for early childhood education and to develop regional services in North Karelia.

The LaTVa project will start cooperating with DigiBreik in January 2021. Digibreikki is a product for early childhood education developed jointly by Breikker in Oulu and Digiseikkilu in Helsinki. With DigiBreik's ready-made assignments, the teacher can focus on guiding technology skills and combine it with well-being-enhancing screen time that moves children physically and strengthens community.

DigiBreikk has built learning packages in line with Vasu's information and communication technology goals. Duplicate materials make teaching clear. Animations and games that encourage collaboration and movement support a wide range of learning.

Social and health care professionals working with early childhood education in Kitee and the surrounding areas, as well as children and families, will have access to DigiBreikk in an upcoming workshop. A pilot will begin in January 2021 to test DigiBreik and other partners ’applications more widely in early childhood education.

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