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What is empathy?

Empathy means the ability to put oneself in the other's position and understand the other's feelings, the ability to understand the other.
An empathetic person does not seek to prop up himself with words, writings, or deeds better than, but appears to be equal and on the same level as another.
Empathy is sympathy. One tends to notice when someone feels bad.
One understands that different people have different feelings about different things. He knows that the feelings of another are as important and right as their own feelings. An empathetic person does not enter another person’s emotional state if the other person is even angry, but he or she takes into account the other emotion in his or her words and actions.
An empathetic person lets one be at peace and does not incite the other’s who is feeling bad.
An empathetic person can comfort another or reassure another, if the situation so requires. That is why it is said that empathy is also action.
The opposite of empathy could be indifference. When a person is indifferent, he cannot or does not want to take others into account. Even if he could help, he wouldn’t.
Sometimes empathy is the opposite of incomprehension. One may not understand how to offend or ignore the other.

Empathetic or not?

Havu, Willow and Eco Havu, Paju and Eko are Api's friends from middle school. They sometimes have arguments, because even though they are good friends, they sometimes want different things and making compromises and taking the other into account is sometimes difficult.
Investigate the threads. Try to spot an unpleasant message and consider how the situation could have been handled so that the message to the subject would not have become miserable.
Write down the messages and return them to the teacher.