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Cursor's mobile and messaging etiquette

All objects that are not related to food or cutlery should be kept away from the table: keys, small bags, sunglasses, and above all phones.
Don't text at the table!
If you are in a situation where you would politely excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, you should also politely leave before reaching for your phone.
Using the speaker
Tell the speaker you have the speaker on. Do not use the speaker unless you are in the office for a meeting that someone is attending remotely. Warn the speaker that others are present and close the door. Keeping the speaker on full power when checking your voicemails is the pinnacle of annoyance
Emails to the point
Don't send an email that just says "Hi!" If you have nothing to say in your email reply other than “Thank you!” then don't send it. You're just filling up other people's inbox.
Look at the person and not the cell phone!
Keep your phone away when talking face to face. When you're talking to someone face-to-face, don't keep flashing your phone to see who's trying to reach out to you.
Capital letters and attachments carefully!
What not to do when writing an email: shout using only capital letters, use colored fonts and emoticons, attach large attachments to the message, forward the message if it is not justified.
Hide your phone and be present
Respect the teacher and your parents with behavior. Do not check your personal devices during a lesson or a meeting where your teacher, parent or anyone else is trying to talk to you.
Answer appropriately
Tell your name on the phone. Don't just answer "Hi!" or "Hello?" When you answer the phone, for example to another person's phone, say your name and whose phone the person called: "Jennifer is on Hannelen's phone."
Short voice messages
When you leave a voice message, give your full name and number. Briefly state why you are calling. Repeat the first step and say goodbye. Keep the message very short.
Keep quiet at school
Keep your phone on silent. If you leave your cell phone in your drawer/putpet, put it on silent. Especially if your ringtone is some raucous rock song.
Phone while walking?
Follow the traffic and don't scroll through your phone. Raise your head to observe when crossing the street so that you don't get hit by a car. Stop on the right side of the sidewalk and don't make sudden stops. Don't stop to text or check email when crossing the road!
Music to your ears only
Don't play music too loud. If you use your player with ear buds, the people around you will hear your playlist and it will sound like a little annoying fly DJing! When listening to music, it's good to consider others, especially in public spaces.
Calls and messages are confidential
Avoid public phone conversations, especially about your private affairs. Don't talk on the phone in a waiting room, in a hotel check-out line, in a restaurant, on a train, or, God forbid, in a restroom. Do not show your personal messages or messages written by others to others.
Do not disturb by texting
Follow this instant messaging etiquette. Always ask if now is a good time to chat. Consider other people's schedules and bedtimes.
Avoid yelling into the phone
Don't Yell into the phone. Even if you can't hear the person on the other end of the line very well, that doesn't mean they can't hear you.
Keep the boundaries in the media
Think carefully about what you write. Don't post sensitive personal things on social media, especially if school friends can read your posts.