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The tasks of Digiadventurers 

Teaching groups often have very different ICT and media skills and a varying amount of experience with information technology devices. In digital adventure, you can progress one world at a time around the theme chosen by the teacher. The following classifications help you find a pedagogically justified task for the age group of your teaching group.

You can go straight to the adventure map task by pressing the title of the stories or tasks below or by selecting a task from the adventure map.

Tasks can be done in the order of the adventure map or freely chosen

In the stories you can proceed in a numerical order. 

Fifth and sixth graders benefit from free information retrieval in the”Explore yourself " sections.

The tasks are numbered according to the adventure map of grades 5-6. You can access the order of your age group from the Information for the teacher section.

With Kursor you will learn:

What are your medias

To think about why you are using your medias

To recognize the symptoms of internet addiction

What is a good daily rhythm

Ways to calm down and relax

History of media devices and social media

Related stories:

Me, the media and a balanced everyday life

Let's practice: to think together about where and when it is appropriate to use your phone

Duration 15 min

Let's practice: identifying your own favorite media, things and motives behind the use of media

Duration 30 min

Let's practice: discussing what is meant by social media addiction and how you can work to maintain balance

Duration 30 min

Let's practice: considering what fun can be done without a phone

Duration 15 min

Let's practice: easy relaxation techniques with music

Duration 15 min

Let's practice: identifying things you can be happy about in everyday life - different options for doing things

Duration 15 min

Let's practice: with the help of a video, think together when it would be good to put the phone away and focus on other things

Duration 15 min

Let's practice encouraging yourself and towards perseverance

Duration 20 min

Let's practice: with the help of a video, how you can avoid the disadvantages of text neck 

Kursor papa tells his own opinions in his letter.
What do you think about the importance and benefits of the phone?
Tell and justify your views.