Snapchat (snippet) is a picture messaging service and a mobile application that allows you to share everyday moments as snapshots and short videos. Snapps have extensive editing capabilities, and text, stamps, icons, and emoticons can be added to images and videos. Snapchat specializes in various image and sound effects (Lenses), which have contributed to its popularity. The age limit for the service is 13 years.

You can send snippets either to other users of the service or to your own public story (My Story). The user of the application can define how long their own keys appear on the recipient's device. After the specified time, the snippets are removed from the recipient's application and the Snapchat servers. The sender can save the pictures and videos they have taken to their own gallery. However, using a screenshot or capturing the screen on another device, for example, you can record other people's snippets and stories. A screenshot of the screenshot always goes to another, which may raise the threshold for the child or young person to take screenshots of the others' snippets.

Snapchat includes many features that attract regular use of the app. One example is Snapstreak between two users, which tells you how many days two users of a service have snapped together. The snapstreak will be interrupted for both users if both do not send a snap to the other within 24 hours. The app also has its own Snap Map, which allows you to see your friends' real-time location on the map. The user decides whether to share their location information publicly or to stay in Ghost Mode.

The original idea for the service is based on real-time publishing. Photos and videos are filmed in Snapchat. Since then, Snapchat Memories has been added to the service, allowing previously captured images or videos to be published.