The story takes place in the yard of Helinä, more familiarly Häsä and his friend App, in the small village of Some.

The villagers know each other and help whenever needed.

Introduction to the characters

Clash is a fast-paced, determined, and determined type, but at times quite a hassle. That is why he is nicknamed Häsä. Photography, image editing and fun Tube videos are Häsä's favorite hobbies. Unfortunately, he has not properly gained followers for his channel. His long-term dream came true when his father was reluctant to acquire a llama for his large backyard. Häsä is excited about the llama, but also about the publicity and possible likes the llama could bring to her videos!

Hass and Appi have always been neighbors and best friends. Appi is Thoughtful and Systematic, the complete opposite of Häsä. At first, the buddies quarreled briskly, but eventually they decided to take advantage of each other’s strengths and do teamwork. Namely, they have a common project - SuperApp, which requires the strength of both. The app has promised to encode SuperApp and Häsä to brainstorm the content into it.

Llama, was waiting there is Häsä's pet. Drama-Lama’s life is not lacking in dramatically fun missteps, for as a curious but somewhat thoughtless animal, it messes up its claws with all the events in the courtyard. That is why it has promised to teach us special drama roles and how to record and distribute them.

The children also help Häsän Cursor named papa. Pappa is a hunter (collector in his own words) and in his attic you will find the first computers and radios, as well as all the other obsolete electronics you can imagine - including the family's secret box!

Siry is a modern neighbor lady, a media grandmother who knows almost everything about the latest applications and artificial intelligence. He can also tell about the old days - when there was no internet or smart devices yet. 

Siry’s house is “a smart house“. What does that mean too? At least all the kids in the neighborhood like Siry’s special home.

Miuku-Mauku is Siry's cat. It has two sides: it does stupid things in a butt network, but at the same time it’s friendly, spinning, and gets a lot of tweaking and likes. Miuku-Mauku enjoys sleeping in the library between books. It wakes up whenever children gather in the library for a digital reading circuit.

Tweety lives in Siry's yard. It has a large social bird network. It knows the rules of the game in the yard media and is the administrator of its many butt networks. Siry’s cat Miuku-Mauku lurks especially in Twiity and that’s why the bird needs to be careful about what and when it stops chatting.

Jambewildered, that is, I am a small harmless spider that is always there when something interesting happens. With the help of the seiti, I descend to digital adventurers in which direction to go and I hide in the lace curtains of the rest of my time.

Apilla has friends in middle school. Coniferous, Willow and Eco are an outfit of three young people. When Appi gets up, he plays with Havu, Paju and Eko in the band. Music technology and shooting skate videos are the most fun of them right now.