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Assignment: Suggestion for improvement!

Want to improve something in your school, the world, or even a picture, post, or YouTube video made by another person?

Every human has opportunity to influence. It seems worth trying so not barking at others.

Justifying the proposed improvement, makes change much smarter and faster.

Every school has its own student body. For the student body each student can submit their own suggestions for influence. They can be improvements or ideas that develop the community, e.g.


1. Write your ideas.

  • e.g. "You need to get basketball hoops for the school yard."

2. Tell us which problem it provides a solution to.

  • e.g. “Schoolchildren get excited about the basket. It develops fitness, teamwork skills and a good team spirit. ”

3. Explain why it is better than previous solutions.

  • e.g. “Basketball can be played in the fall and spring. It's an affordable species. ”

Follow your friends' comments.

If the idea is feasible, talk to your teacher if you need help.

You can make an impact in a friendly, wise and constructive way!