Hate speech is discrimination

There is hate speech discrimination. There is hate speech bullying and another properties talking evil. Hate speech is most common online.

In the Equality Act and the Equality Act discrimination is prohibited and otherwise in general harmful expression.

Punishable hate speech is directed one person or to a group of people.

Such features may exist

  • race,
  • color,
  • origins,
  • national or ethnic origin.

There may be other targets of hate speech

  • religion,
  • conviction,
  • sexual orientation or
  • disability.

These characteristics are mentioned in the Penal Code of Punishment as aggravating criteria.

If hate speech is directed to one person this could be, for example defamation or illegal threat.

If hate speech is directed at a group of people, it could be incite against an ethnic group.

Hate speech can be found most on the internet, especially on public discussion forums and social media.

That is why it is important learn to notice hate speech and learn to stop it in its place.

Hate speech is a punishable act.

Hate speech sounds boring and uses ugly and unfriendly words about another person.

Hate speech is communication against others

There is hate speech communication, which spreads or incites hatred against one person or group of people.

Communication can be speech, but it can also be, for example writings, pictures, symbols, music, drawings and movies.

There is no complete list of what kind of speech or other communication is punishable hate speech. However, there are some characteristicsto evaluate it.

If you see or hear hate speech, it is important that you do not get involved or encourage the speaker.

The reason for hate speech is often suspicion or hostility

The background to the punishable hate speech is fear, suspicion or hostility towards some group of people. Punishable hate speech targets a characteristic of a person or group of people.

What should I do if I am talked about?

If you are writing or speaking:

  • tell a trusted adult
  • discuss the matter through a trusted adult and share your feelings aloud
  • remember that you have not deserved hate speech
  • he who speaks or writes to you is wrong
  • hate speech is a punishable act

Don't keep talking online

If you encounter hate speech in a forum or comments, don’t like it and don’t encourage it to continue. You can commit a crime.

For our part, we can make sure that no one on the internet is discriminated against, harassed, despised or others are incited to suspicion towards another group of people.