Hate speech is discrimination

Hate speech is discrimination. Hate speech is bullying and talking bad about the characteristics of another person. Hate speech occurs the most on the Internet.

The Non-Discrimination Act and the Equality Act prohibit discrimination and otherwise generally harmful expression.

Punitive hate speech targets characteristics of a person or of a group of people.

Such characteristics may include:

  • race,
  • color,
  • origins,
  • national or ethnic origin.

There may be other targets of hate speech

  • religion,
  • conviction,
  • sexual orientation or
  • disability.

These characteristics are mentioned in the Criminal law as grounds for increasing the punishment.

If hate speech is targeted to one person, it could be, for example defamation or an illegal threat.

If hate speech is directed at a group of people, it could be incite against an ethnic group.

You can find the most hate speech on the internet, especially on general discussion forums and social media.

That's why it's important to learn to spot hate speech and learn to stop it from your side.

Hate speech is a punishable act.

Hate speech sounds nasty and uses ugly and unkind words about another person.

Hate speech is messaging against others

Hate speech is messaging, which spreads or incites hatred against one person or group of people.

Messaging can be speech, but it can also be for example writings, pictures, symbols, music, drawings and movies.

There is no complete list of what speech or other messaging is punishable hate speech. However, there are some hallmarks, which can be used to evaluate it.

If you see or hear hate speech, it is important not to join in or encourage the speaker.

The reason for hate speech is often suspicion or hostility

Behind punitive hate speech is fear, suspicion or hostility towards some group of people. Punitive hate speech targets some characteristic of a person or group of people.

What should I do if hate speech is spoken to me?

If hate speech is written or spoken to you:

  • tell a trusted adult about it
  • talk it through with a trusted adult and talk about your feelings out loud
  • remember you didn't deserve the hate speech
  • the one who speaks or writes ugly to you is doing wrong
  • hate speech is a punishable act

Don't continue hate speech online

If you encounter hate speech on the forum or in the comments, do not like it and do not encourage its continuation. You can commit a crime.

We can each do our part to ensure that no one is discriminated against, bullied, despised or incited to be suspicious of another group of people online.