Nice somefriend

Look together Nice somefriend-video.

Häsä and Appi interviewed Finland's most famous Instagram star. Watch the video to see what he told the kids.

You get to read a variety messages and updates.

1. First think about how would you like to comment?

2. Write an update and add your comments to it.

3. Discuss it with your group what feelings of nice and nasty comments awaken in you.

Remember netiquette, when you write a comment.

Comment on posts / updates!

1. I have been waiting for this day so much! I can finally get to the trampoline park!

2. I felt a little bad today, I broke my leg! Now it is plaster for 2 months ..

3. Here are my new shoes! What do you think?

4. Today is the worst day in the world!

5. Wow! Now it's a good feeling! I got a scholarship!

6. I was late for school today and got a remark. Vex..

7. A super nice trip in the back. This is what it looked like there!

8. Is anyone playing today? See you?