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We are building our own news studio

Your own news

1. The group collects two real news together about current topics concerning Finland, your own school or city as well as one sports-related news topic.
2. The news is written on paper or on a tablet device.
3. Sports reporter tells the sports news.
4. We agree with the meteorologist what kind of weather he predicts. For the meteorologist , an A2 size map of Finland is made for the background.
5. Shooting and editing news clips together.
1. Newsreader 1
2. Newsreader 2
3. Sports reporter
4. Meteorologist

Preparation of the news studio

  • The studio can also be realized with Green Screen technology.
  • A white sheet behind the newsreaders works well.
  • Think about where you can get adequate shooting lighting.
  • For the meteorologist, hang the Weather Map on the sheet with e.g. pins.
  • The tablet device is attached to a flat surface or a stand.
  • Let's film the news clips.
  • Let's edit together.