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Using image search

First, learn how to investigate image scams with Google Image Search at the bottom of the page.

1. As a comment, tell the teacher if you will learn how to use Google Image Search to detect image scams. Was it hard?

2. What are you learning?

3. In what media have you seen the edited images?

4. Why do people want to edit their images?

In fact, exposing a scam is pretty easy.

Do the following:

  • Search online news image, which you want to explore further.
  • Right-click the image and select “Copy image URL”.
  • Open Google Image Search images.google.com and click the camera icon.
  • Press “Paste image URL”.
  • Paste the URL you copied into the field.
  • Press “Search by image”.

Here's how to get it different versions of the picture. As you examine the images, you'll find out on which all sites it is published and when.

ATTENTION, now be careful!

If the image was first published in 2010, it may not be a true news image of the events of 2018.