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Let's bring the news picture to life

A news picture comes to life

Look for news of interest to your class in an online magazine (for example, HS Lasten uutiset). Start Start by examining the picture in the news.
Use anticipatory reading style:
  • what can you infer from the news based on the picture?
The image is processed in the following three ways:
  • as a world of sounds,
  • as a cartoon and
  • a digital story.
Return what you think is the most successful version to the teacher.
Sound world
  • Create a sound world for the picture. What kind of sounds can be heard from the picture? Produce and record the sound world with your phone or tablet.
  • Make a cartoon about the situation in the news picture. What happened right before the picture was taken? What happens next?
  • Make a digistory about the situation in the picture. You can implement the story either acting or drawing and recording. Good applications for making a digital story are e.g. iMovie, Quik or Spark video.
Finally, you can read the original news story and discuss the relationship between it and your own interpretation.

Make a digital cartoon, for example, at