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Get to know your computer mouse


Miuku-Mauku! Don't chase mice, Rontti too!

The mouse reminded me of my great collection of computer mice.

There are many types of mice!

Tutkitaan erilaisia hiiriä


this is pen mouse. It is used in drawing and in writing.

Hand position

The hand rests straight and relaxed on the mouse.
Index finger and middle finger settle on the keys.
The thumb supports the mouse on the side.
The shoulders are relaxed.

Mouse buttons

First button,
left button

Right button,
right button

Middle button,
roll up

Middle button,
scroll down

Basic mouse skills

Single click

Double click

Painting and dragging

Cursor and pointer

The mouse controls mouse pointer, which often looks small from the arrow on the computer screen.
Pointer looks different depending on what kind of instructions and the environment in which you are working.
Here you see pointers in different positions.