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In Apin's house you will learn:


use of a computer mouse and keyboard

basics of writing program

use a computer and hardware

use of email and search engine

make text and image files

save and find your work

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Mouse skills

Keyboard skills

Word processing skills

Equipment use and data management

Email and search engines

The Internet as a tool for work and study

1. Use of e-mail

2. Use of search engines




Search engine skills

• use of search engines and keywords

• Search results evaluation and criticality

• copying text and images from a web page

• Edit search results

• respect for copyright

Email skills

• title fields

• Body email processing

• Receive a message

• sending a message to the specified address

• attachment

• Reply to a message

• message printing

Computer graphics

1. Concepts of digital drawing

2. Image processing terms

3. GIMP2 image processing

4. Autodesk Sketchbook


1. Spreadsheets

2. Pie chart

3. Bar chart

4. Basics of Excel


1. Library web databases