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Jump into the fun and interesting activities that fit the curriculum and take you and your class on a story-driven adventure in ICT, media literacy and empathy skills. On the way you meet funny characters.

In the video, Ninni tells how she has used Digiadventure in her teaching and what tips she would like to share with other teachers. Watch the video and get inspired to use Digiadventure in your own teaching!

Digiadventure features more than 120 different tasks and 23 stories supporting the tasks. Explore the extensive content of the Digiadventure and choose the suitable tasks for your class.

Master keyboard skills with the ICT teaching skills package

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Keycards are a great help in strengthening the basic skills of ICT teaching! High-quality, clear Cards are easy to attach to the classroom wall. And they help students remember keyboard usage and shortcuts. Cards also make teaching and learning easier.

Stories and tasks-workbook  

Stories and tasks-workbook offers interesting and fun ways to learn ICT concepts and strengthen reading and imagining skills. The book's board game and 10 stories focus on empathy, technology and media skills, and include vocabulary, questions to ponder together, and pen-paper tasks. The book is written by Jenni Turunen, an experienced ICT teacher and Finnish as a second language teacher.

Digiadventure's empathy path is a free learning material for schools to strengthen empathy skills and online behaviour.